Saturday, June 30, 2018

Don't gamble with Yellow sign of fuel Gauge

Investoshashtra !!!📜📜📜

Today morning while on my way back from jogging, I saw a person riding on his bike and pushing other vehicle which ran out of petrol.

Whether it is laziness or illogical thinking that people keep testing their vehicles fuel efficiency and most of the time end up running out of gas and in accordance with Murphy's law "at a location where there's no gas station".😔😔

Similar is the situation of most of the millennials. Inspite of having a good take home salary they end their month dragging their vehicle to the next fuel station, with the help of friend as the last rescue (who is more of a enemy in mask of friend named as credit card or consumer loan.)

Burdened with big EMI's, partying with friends, going to pub, restaurants, vacations, latest gazette, big billion sale, impulsive buying is the way of life for them.

Friends and relatives can push their vehicle to fuel station just once or  twice.Then a stage comes when they are hardly left with any fuel and end up in dragging their vehicle of life to reach fuel station(Salary day). What if the vehicle breaks down (you lose your job or some medical emergency comes).

So instead of living life on the edge start live it smartly, start a #Good EMI. ( )

Good habits are hard to form but very easy to live with.

This weekend have fueltank full of happiness.

Raj Talati

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