Saturday, June 23, 2018

Which songs always remain in our playlist


Have you ever thought which are the songs which will always remain in our playlist. Is it the most hit songs(Honey Singh types- दिल चोरी साड़ा हो गया...), trending nos. (रंग दे तो मोहे गेरुआ) or most viewed one ( दिल पे पत्थर रख के मुँह पे मेक अप कर लिया - 21 crore views). Mostly none of them.

Our playlists have songs which are close to our heart, they may be enjoyed listening with friends on a Manali trip (Why Manali-as I have some😉) or with family on a road trip, may be from a movie you can connect with or may be the one with extraordinary music, lyrics and singer combo.

So it has nothing to do what others like or want, it has to do more with your own inner happiness and delight.

It's sort of personalisation. Isn't it!!

Then why we try to copy others when it comes to investment. Why we invest in Gold in 2012, real estate in 2013, Equities in 2007 and mid and small cap funds in 2017-18.

Just go with the songs (investments) which you enjoy, I like combination of Kishore,Asha,Gulzar and R.D.Burman, but many of you might have a different choices. So my asset allocation or investment in equity or real estate or gold can't be like yours.

Even siblings can't have similar asset allocation the way they don't have similar playlists.

This weekend decide on your favourite investments (playlist) which suits your goals, risk profile, income, expenses, assets, liabilities, responsibilities, health condition etc etc..and enjoy musical journey of life.

Have a musical rainy tip tip barsa Paani weekend!!

Raj Talati

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