Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's your Life - Make It LARGE

Every individual's what he is today is result of small things which he/she did in past, same is very well narrated by Superstar King Khan in one of the recent commercial : I Quote -

"Large kab banta hain, Woh pehla break large lagta tha,
Woh pehla role, Woh pehli Gaadi,
Pehli Girlfriend?,
Bachpan ki galiya large lagti thi, theatre ka stage,
uh a - us waqt to small screen bhi mere liye large thi,
20-50 log taaliya mar dete, large lagta tha,
Lekin aaj wohi sab, CHOTA lagta hain,
Jo haanth lag jaye woh kya large,
Lekin LARGE banta hain UNHI CHOTI cheezo se,
Small Milate Jao large banate Jao,
Its your Life MAKE IT LARGE.
If we go through our past we will find above lines are very relevant for each one of us, what ever we are today is the result of the small small right or wrong things we did in past.

Each one of us can narrate a similar experience of their past, it looks like a dream that how by TIME this small decisions becomes so big for us. Every one of us must be at higher level from where they started. The people who are at start of their career will be at much higher position then at which they are today, if they continue giving there efforts sincerely.

Similar is the case of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) - It is small small amount which you contribute regularly on monthly basis for years and without our knowing by time it grows much bigger then our expectation.

As an advisor I always advise my clients that every individual who has an asset need to write a will or every individual who is earning and having dependents needs to have a life insurance.

Similarly, I feel each and every individual who is not blessed by legacy of wealth needs to have an SIP. It will help them to achieve there goals and dreams by just contributing small amount over years effortlessly. So whether you wish to invest for your child's marriage or education, for a house or retirement or for a foreign tour or charity what you need is an SIP and time by your side.

Many a times investor feels SIP means equity/shares but they can do it in a fixed income or Gold fund depending on their risk profile and needs.

So if you have not started one yet, start it today aur aap bhi "Small milate jao or LARGE banate jao - It's your life, make it LARGE".