Saturday, June 16, 2018

"Life is simple, we complicate it"

Investoshashtra !!! 📜📜📜
ईनवेस्टोशाष्त्र !!! 📜📜📜

I was watching a TED talk by Jon Jandai a farmer from Thailand, he has beautifully explained how simple life is.

Mostly, we are not able to differentiate between our needs and wants. Needs are basic necessities the way Jon explains but there is no end to wants.

At times society we are living in decides what we should buy. We know a small car will suffice need to commute small distance we need to travel daily to office or shop or showroom, but still settle down on buying a luxurious car on loan.

I heard lot of people saying "Money can't buy happiness but I would prefer to cry in Mercedes then in bus".But what if Mercedes is the real reason behind sadness.

To achieve Nirvana in this world you can follow path of Jon Jandai. But if you find it difficult then financial planning can be the only option.

It helps to understand and decide your needs and wants,to overcome peer pressure of the society, quality time with family & friends and be secured about  future.

I think that is what we wish in life.

This weekend decide how to make life more simpler, so that it can be happier (even in a Alto), healthier and satisfying.

Raj Talati

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