Saturday, June 9, 2018

Investment is not buying Vehicle

Investoshashtra !!! 📜📜📜
ईनवेस्टोशाष्त्र !!! 📜📜📜

This week we decided to buy new vehicle for my wife.

Since then only thing we can see around is different vehicle options, color and look.Even while riding on road or standing on signal instead of looking at  the beautiful girl standing besides me, I was lookng at her vehicle😉😉.

I was surprised by my behaviour, untill last week inspite of everything being same it was non existent for me, and after 2-3 months of buying the vehicle everything again will be non existent for me. Rather I would be list concerned with even color, model or brand WE BOUGHT.

It reminds me of investors who invests on their own and falls prey to such behaviour.

Whenever they have surplus money just invest looking at what everyone else is investing in or most fancied product or asset class in the market. They forget purpose of investment and in many a cases even purpose is undecided.

But investment is not like buying a vehicle, TV, refrigerator or Home theatre. It is like growing a plant, it needs regular care, watering, nurturing and  even trimming as and when required.

So it's always better to have a good financial gardener who will help and nurture to blossom garden of your Life.

Have a blooming weekend.

Raj Talati

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