Saturday, March 30, 2019

No IPL or Politics for us

The most hot topic of discussion or time-pass these days is IPL and politics.

Normally, a player have limited career. Inspite of being in form they get retired in late 30's or many a times even in mid 20's. Think of a person getting retired in 30's and kind of retirement planning he would require to live atleast 50-60 years.

Atleast for cricketers IPL came as the biggest saviour to boost their career and delay retirement.

Similar, is the case with politicians, they hardly retire. If retirement is enforced even at age of 91 years they make a headline.😜

Most of us are not a cricketer or politician or an actor, but luckily our career graph is much longer.

In the era of fast changing technology and being one of the youngest country, we might not have option to delay our retirement. As our job might become obsolete or will be taken away by an youngster.

*Skip one match of IPL or hot debate of prime time and plan for your retirement corpus judiciously during this working years, we won't have any IPL or political career to support us.*

Raj Talati

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