Saturday, March 16, 2019

Storms are inevitable

Investoshashtra !!!📜📜📜
इनवेस्टोशास्त्र !!!📜📜📜

Summer is next door, when it comes brings sand/dust storm with it. Sandstorms usually arrives suddenly in the form of advancing wall of dust and debris may be kms long and several feet high.

They strike with little warning, but best thing is they don't last long. If not handled properly It may damage our eyes, lungs or even result in big accidents.

Similar is the case with investing. Here are also Storms of uncertainty and volatility keeps striking irrespective of summer or monsoon in India, It will strike even if temperature rises in U.S.,North Korea, Europe,China or middle east.

Whenever, such storm of news flows, instead of being reactive we should look at our needs, goals and ask big question "does it  have any implication on my financial future."

If planned properly, you can sail through storm easily and reach financial destination without  being hurt avoiding  accidents.

So, don't make news to be *basis* of your investment decision.

Have a great weekend.

Raj Talati

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