Saturday, June 15, 2019

Invest directly in MF and save commission.

As always, Mutual fund Sahi hai has come up with another beautiful advertisement promoting direct investment in mutual fund, obviously with a caution "If you have knowledge of MF" and a disclaimer at the end.

It is a kind of ad which promotes to buy a toothpaste which you don't need to get a toothbrush free.

Have you ever thought why Virat Kohli or any of the best players inspite of being best, needs a coach. Does coach teaches them how to play, absolutely not.

Biggest role a coach plays is to guide them through their ups and downs, specially when they are performing well, that is the time they are prone to commit big mistake and hand holding them during lows.

Coach can help to see possibilities which you can't and they will make you stay focused on preparing and executing to meet the goal. They act as the lighthouse which is stationary and secure and provides a beacon to direct when you lose focus.

Investing or selecting a fund to invest in MF is not a big deal, but to stay focused and being rationale is.

That is where advisor comes handy.

A media house promoted platform is also publishing full page advertisement comparing extra money generated in 25 years, if invested directly or through MF distributor.

But the question of comparison arises if you invested for 25 years. Who will ensure, handhold and help you to make that journey of 25 years smooth.

Just seatback for a while and think whatever worth you are at today, was it possible to reach, if you wouldn't had an advisor.

*So don't be "Penny wise pound foolish".*

Just one right advise of advisor is worth much then saving few bucks by experimenting yourself.

Have a great weekend.

Raj Talati

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