Saturday, May 12, 2018

Swachh financial life Mission !!!


Our PM Shri Narendra Modi embarked a revolution on birth date of Father of our nation in 2014 named *"Swachh Bharat Mission".*

The mission aimed to achieve a swachh bharat by 2019 as a fitting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Anniversary..

Lot of debate can be done about effectiveness of mission. But I think everyone will unanimously agree that it brought a big change in our mindset and specially of next generation. I don't have any doubt that our next generation will have a *real swachh bharat.*

Habits are difficult to change whether it is related to cleanliness of our surroundings or *finances*. So keep. Bharat clean but do not forget cleaning up your financial life as well.

*Financial life cleanse doesn't require too much of time. Only thing it needs is determination, decision, action and little professional help.*

So this weekend:

1) Get rid of Investment done in obligation or low return giving insurance policies.
2) Buy a term insurance.
3) close down high cost loans by withdrawing low return investments.
4) Compare returns net of taxes.
5) check asset allocation - don't overboard any one asset class.
6) have adequate health coverage
7) consult a professional financial planner.
8) don't leverage...never ever take loans for investment.
9) Have proper and updated record of investments and discuss it with your spouse.
10) make a will.
11) reduce dependence on credit card.

*Have a Swachh Financial Life.*

Raj Talati

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