Sunday, May 20, 2018

*Death is the only guaranted gift of life!!*

Investorshashtra !!! 📜📜📜
ईनवेस्टोशाष्त्र !!! 📜📜📜

Now a days *Murder, Suicide and accident* are the news which fills each and every page of newspaper.It is so common that Divya Bhaskar a leading daily who started a movement "Positive Monday" is forced to cover atleast one or two such news on every page by giving excuse "required to know".

Our reaction to such news is just read the heading check for any known names  and breathe a sigh of relief that no one is from our known circle.

*Only difference with me is for few moments I just imagine financial situation of the family and instead of praying for RIP, I first pray to God that deceased must have had enough coverage to provide financial security to his family.*

_Like they say "Only 'love' which comes with guarantee in life is 'parents love'_ and *only guarantee "life" comes with is Death.*

So, if you do not have enough insurance coverage for your family's financial security, just for a moment try and put your name in that news *(God forbid)*.It will make you understand it's real need.

We all know we are going to die. *But in absence of proper financial planning-if you die early your family will suffer and if you live longer both you as well as your family suffers.*

"So, this weekend just check for your insurance needs and cover it." *(Only term Insurance),*

Have a positive weekend.

Raj Talati

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