Saturday, April 7, 2018

Thank god March is over

Whether it's government or entrepreneur, a shopkeeper or an employee, chartered accountant or insurance agent, everyone takes a breather as soon as March is over..

Someway or other everyone manages to take over with March financial blues.

But have you ever thought how will you take over month of ''March of your life...(Final stage of Retirement)'' the biggest problem with life is we do know when Jan or Feb (Retirement) will arrive but no clue of when will March arrive and specially the D-day i.e. 31st March.

It might not be a big problem if you don't meet 31st target professionally, but you can't afford to lose March target of your life.

One thing I can guarantee, if not planned properly in advance it could be a worst nightmare which will become reality.

So, if you have not given a serious thought to your retirement planning, take sometime this weekend and do plan and review it.

Remember sooner the better.

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