Saturday, October 27, 2018

Future is product of preferences made today.

Investoshashtra !!!📜📜📜
इनवेस्टोशास्त्र !!!📜📜📜

Recently we conducted an Investor awareness program for investors of our association members. We had a capacity of 500 pax.

We invited India's renowned speaker Mr.Krishan Sharma and event was organised at one of the best venue i.e. INOX, Vadodara with food.

Only guests who confirmed their availability, were invited. To take care of last moment cancellation due to some emergencies or unavoidable situation we distributed additional 7% invites.

Each one of us worked really hard to ensure it's packed to capacity.

But to our surprise only 65% of investor turned up out of total invitees.

*I was wondering if we had invited similar no. of guests at same venue for screening of movie _"Badhai ho"_ which was running in adjacent screen, I am sure situation would have been totally different."*

First of all we would have got full capacity by may be calling only 700 pax instead of making over 3000 calls. Secondly, provisioning of 7% for last moment cancellation had to be brought down to 1-2%.

We all want to have entertainment in life so nothing wrong with it.But awareness, knowledge and preparing for future is equally important..

I, always believe majority of Investor's considers financial planning as last priority. Amongst few who are conscious they also have big gap in decision making and implementation or may be goes out of their focus in few years.

*Remember "Future is not decided by how much we earn, but by how we manage it."*

*This weekend give a serious thought and make financial planning atleast your 4rth preference in life.(After may be job, family and entertainment).*

Raj Talati

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