Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Meaning of success

Investoshashtra !!!📜📜📜
इनवेस्टोशास्त्र !!!📜📜📜

*Meaning of success*

Yesterday, I got opportunity of listening to Gaur Gopaldas Live in one of the conference.

He beautifully explained how this generation has moved up ladder of success very fast. We all are proud to be successful...but irony is how many of us *feel successful..* being successful is what others think about us and *feeling successful is from inside.*

Happiness has nothing to do with how much you own. That is the reason inspite of being more successful compared to last generations, we are less happier and more stressed, depressed and anxious.

The only reason is we unnecessary do things we don't want to. Certain things  can't be avoided like job, profession or business even if you don't like because you have mortgages, EMI and bills to be paid.But what about rest.

Why not to try utilising balance time in what we love to do.Which can make me feel successful of having power with me to do what I want to and not have to.

Similar, is the case with financial planning. People keep dragging it, inspite of having no in depth knowledge, passion and zeel. By the time they realise they messed it up, it's too late which results in depression, stress and anxiety.

So, start living what you love to do for everything else there are people who love to do it, so outsource it.

"Not only Be Successful but FEEL successful."

Have a rocking weekend.

Raj Talati

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