Saturday, March 24, 2018

Secrecy and Data sharing

We share data from whom it should not be and never share it with the one we should

This week we witnessed data leak issue on Facebook and also how serious it's impact could be on privacy of an individual and a country.

We keep sharing most of our secret data on social networking site without even knowing that it has been compromised.

Contrast to that we hardly share our financial data or details with the person who is going to need it after us i.e. our family.

One of my investor who was on his 40's passed away 2 years back. He used to share all Investments and other data with his wife which was stored in a laptop.

But tragic irony is just few days before his cardiac arrest, he changed password of laptop.

Think of the situation of the family, which is already struggling emotionally due to his sudden demise and doesn't know how they are placed financially.

So this weekend sit with your family *even if they don't want to* and share all your plans and Investments.

Don't forget to share contact details of your financial planner who can act as an financial guardian to your family in such adverse situation

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